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We offer people programs & people solutions.

In a world where people know what to do and just aren’t doing it; now working from home, closer to their kitchens and with less motivation to wear pants, it’s time to usher in a new kind of wellness…

Nuuaria is a wellness company that helps people change by teaching them how to think differently. While technology is a helpful assist, we believe it’s humans that change humans.  Nuuaria focuses on thinking as the cause and the behavior as the symptom through people-based solutions driving proven, bottom-line, cost-and-life-saving results.

Accredited by the American Institute of Stress, Nuuaria’s solutions cover two key areas: everyday mental wellness and chronic disease management. Nuuaria serves many well-known companies and organizations such as Buckeye and Osborn School Districts, PING golf, CVS Health and Paychex.

Better yet, companies and organizations only ‘pay-for-play,‘ meaning only for those employees enrolled in a program. Nuuaria will only invoice for services used – not per employee – and require only minimal contracts to ensure employee results. Click below for programming case studies.

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It’s not what we do… it's how we do it that drives results.

Health Coaching

Employees can now access and meet with their health coach as a channel in Microsoft Teams!

We provide HIPAA compliant health coaching for results to reduce bottom-line claims costs paid out by the company. Our extensive aggregate reporting cover the areas of Rx, weight loss, metabolic risk factors, and more with exact dollar amounts of savings. Health coaching is personal, requiring time and trust. We recommend full integration into a company for the best results.

Click Here to Download the Case Study from PING golf.

Stress Reduction & Everyday Mental Wellness

Employees can now access and meet with mentor and nurse as a channel in Microsoft Teams!

Mental wellbeing is a focus of many working from home wellness programs, now more than ever. A survey at software company, Salesforce, showed that 36% of staff were reporting mental health issues, according to a company blog posted Friday, May 1st, 2020.

Nuuaria’s Stress & Meditation program is accredited by the American Institute of Stress and implemented in companies such as Buckeye School District, Osborn School District and PING golf.

Our curriculum teaches employees how to reduce their stress through the understanding that thinking is cause and emotion is the symptom. This means, habitual thoughts such as perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophic thinking, obsessive and over thinking, trying to control things we can’t control, all lead to stress, stealing our sense of everyday peace, calm and even work-life balance. We provide evidence-based tools in brain science and mindfulness to help your employees learn to think better, permanently, placing them down a path of – dare we say it – stress elimination, able to maintain a sense of calm amongst stressful daily life situations.

Nuuaria’s Stress and Meditation program includes an online curriculum, access to 1-1 mentors, access to a psychiatric nurse practitioner for easy medication management to the employee and cost-savings to the employer, plus program management and monthly reporting. 

Click Here to Download the Case Study from Osborn Schools.

Weight Loss & Disease Management

Employees can now access and meet with their health coach as a channel in Microsoft Teams!

In a world where everyone knows what to do and no one’s doing it, our country’s health demands an elevated education to achieve permanent results which is why Nuuaria knows thinking is the cause and behavior is the symptom, rendering behavior change alone merely symptom treatment.

While technology is a helpful assist, humans change humans; which is what you’ll come to love about Nuuaria’s disease management programs. Inclusive of 1-1 mentorship, online training courses to learn how to think differently, medical nutrition therapy protocols for weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes and more plus group support.

Nuuaria’s weight loss program is proud to tout a running average of 7% sustained weight loss while other popular programs’ average 4-5%. Nuuaria weight loss includes extensive aggregate reporting to the employer.

Click Here to Download the Weight Loss Program Case Study from Phoenix Municipalities.

Your Chief Health Officers

Just as the minds, hearts, and goals of your employees have changed forever, so have their wellness needs. It’s not only time to keep them safe and informed but to consider new concerns that will raise the cost of your medical claims due to working from home.

Add the needs of the constantly-changing times to engagement, implementation time, and safe-keeping employee personal health information and you likely don’t have time. Wellness programs are a business within a business that require care, consistent action, personal touch, and attention to feedback for growth and evolution. We understand, which is why we offer management and consulting of new or current wellness programs.

We don’t bring in our own platforms with limited programming and no available integration of what’s already worked within your organization, we bring in humans who care for, nurture and grow your own individual and unique wellness program, one that works, driving participation and getting you results.

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Partial Client List

Partial Client List


  • Chronic disease management programming (Diabetes and Weight Loss): ROI $1:$3.67 in reduced metabolic risk factors and eliminated medications
  • 7% average percent weight loss in six months (Industry norm: 4-5% in six months)
  • 85% reduction to elimination of Metabolic Risk Factors (High Glucose, Low HDL, High TG, High Blood Pressure, Waist Circumference) a $2,000 savings per person per year (within six months)
  • Reduction in filled scripts/ medications, a $3,000 savings (six months)
  • Self-Reported Data:
    • 93.5% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption
    • 80.6% report being more productive and focused at work
    • 90.3% report increased cognitive appreciation (life satisfaction)
  • (contact us for examples of specific program reporting)
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