Myth Buster – Why You Should Use Food to Meet your Needs

by Mentor and Certified Nuuaria Method® Trainer, Lori Montry

Myth Buster – Why You Should Use Food to Meet your Needs

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Hello beautiful Nuuaria community. It’s Lori – Certified Nuuaria Method Trainer and Mentor. I want to thank you for showing up and watching today.

You guys have been great to send in your comments and suggestions and I want to thank everyone who has been willing to do that. And I want to encourage all of you to get in touch with us. Put your email in the comments if you’d like me to send you additional free content about anything weight loss or stress related that you may be wanting.

Last week I talked all about cravings for comfort food. I talked about the fact that we often find ourselves craving comfort food when what we really wanting is to feel safe and grounded.

I explained that when we try to meet our non-food related needs with food, it is an ineffective attempt to take care of ourselves and often results in negative consequences for our body and psyche.

I also gave you some suggestions for non-food ideas to help you meet your needs better than mac and cheese in those situations.

So, I understand why you may be looking at the title for this week’s topic and wondering what I am up to. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a minute.

Before we get started with this topic however, I want to take a minute like I always do to connect inward and just get calm. Take three breaths. The kind that fill your chest, hold at the top and release extra slowly.

I reminded you last week how these breaths send a powerful signal to your nervous system that all is well. They are extremely useful and so incredibly easy. Try to incorporate them into your every day a couple of times and you will definitely start to see a shift how you feel.


Thank you for doing that with me. So, on to today’s topic. Why you should use food to meet your needs.

Most of us have had those experiences where we ask food to meet some emotional need, whether that is loneliness, frustration or even boredom.

Those experiences may give you a temporary sense of well-being but that quickly wears off and then disappointment or even shame sets in.

This isn’t at all what I mean when I say you should use food to meet your needs. But there is another way that you can meaningfully use food to meet your nonfood needs.

Imagine the following scenario:

You have had a rough day where you were pulled in a million directions and you felt frazzled and disconnected with yourself for much of the day.

In this situation, it’s easy to turn to food by ordering pizza and then finishing most of it or just opening the refrigerator and polishing off most whatever you find there while standing at the kitchen counter.

In the moment, these experiences probably felt like you were providing yourself much needed comfort but 10 minutes after they were over, you probably felt remorseful and maybe even a little sick to your stomach.

Food did not meet your needs. It didn’t ultimately help you relax, unwind and or feel calm. That is not what I mean by using food to meet your needs.

Imagine a different scenario where you come home from that same frazzled day and take a minute to connect to yourself and ask what you would really like to eat. What sounds good? What would feel good in your body?

Then you prepare that food mindfully and appreciate the different colors, smells and the beauty of your food. The preparation could feel almost like a ritual or a meditation.

Instead of eating at the counter, you take the time to set the table, light a candle, even pour a little wine. Then you take your time to eat your meal undistracted and slowly.

When you take time to go slow, notice, and enjoy your food, the experience can provide you comfort and a sense of well- being. You feel nourished. You find peace and connection.

But it wasn’t really the food that made you feel that way, it was the experience and the fact that you were providing for and honoring your body.

So, I know I talk a lot about not using food to meet your needs, but I also want to recognize that sometimes, a beautiful meal in a relaxed setting in which you are paying attention to your hunger and satiety can be a beautiful way to connect with yourself and can very much meet your needs.

It can be an act of self-care and when it is done that way, it can be incredibly nourishing.

Maybe preparing a lovely meal and setting the table feels like too big of a jump for you. Let’s start with something smaller and work up to that.

I’d like to share 5 tips with you for how you could start making your eating experiences more mindful and fulfilling.

(1) Making sure you are sitting while you are eating. So much of our emotional or stress eating is done at the kitchen counter isn’t it?

(2) Taking three nice deep breaths and calming your mind before eating,

(3) Blessing your food and the people who grew it or prepared it,

(4) Noticing your food. Pretend to be a food critic and try to pick up on the flavors and the nuances,

(5) Putting everything else away so that the only thing you are doing is eating.

These practices should help you be more mindful and connected during your eating experiences. Remember, having a healthy relationship with food is never about not enjoying food, it’s how to enjoy it more from a connected place.

If having a healthy relationship with food or weight loss is something that you are looking for some support with, Nuuaria has totally got you covered.

We have multiple programs and ways to support you in your journey. Things ranging from a couple break through sessions with myself or one of the other mentors, health coaching, full on weight loss and emotional eating programs.

Everything is always about what you are needing, so check out our website or reach out to one of us. Remember, we are here because of you and for you.

Thanks again for watching and connecting with us. We love you.

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Lori Montry

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Ever since I used the principles underlying the Nuuaria Method to change my thinking and learn to love myself unconditionally, I have lived a whole new life-A life full of love.

Through a beautiful process of healing, growth and reconnection with my sacred inner wisdom, I was able to break free from a multitude of food and body issues.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University and a law degree from Harvard Law School. Although these degrees are unrelated to health coaching and mentoring, they gave me a solid background from which to study the process of nutrition, wellness and change. I’ve devoted the last 5 years of my life to these studies.

I now have the passionate desire to walk with others on their personal journey toward freedom from whatever holds them back from living their most authentic and best life.

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