Reclaim Your Health with 10 Healthy Food Swaps with Registered Dietitian Maya Nahra on FOX10 Phoenix

by Registered Dietitian & Health Coach, Maya

Nuuaria’s Reclaim Your Health Event

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The Swaps

  1. Bread – sweet potato toast (Get adequate protein for weight loss.)
  2. Dried fruit – fresh fruit (Less sugar.)
  3. Potato chips – popcorn (More fiber. Remember not to eat to close to bed and get between 7-9 hours night.)
  4. Mayo – avocado
  5. Rice – cauliflower rice
  6. Fruit juice – real fruit or coconut water (Get adequate water.)
  7. Table salt – real salt
  8. Flavored yogurt – plain with fruit (Less sugar.)
  9. Milk chocolate – dark chocolate (Choose higher percentages on chocolate bars to reduce sugar. + Make eating an event to increase satisfaction and avoid mindless and overeating.)
  10. Sweet tooth – fat bombs (Fat helps with satiety and reduces sugar cravings. Join us & learn how to make them!)

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Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS

Founder & President, Nuuaria

Maya is the founder of Nuuaria, a health and wellness company who helps people change by teaching them how to think differently. She is the creator of the Nuuaria Method®, an evidenced-based habit and behavior, change-work education in the areas of weight loss, diabetes and stress reduction who’s programs are now active in many companies such as Buckeye and Osborne School Districts, PING golf and CVS Health.

Maya is also a registered dietitian of over 10 years, a diplomate of the American Institute of Stress, a writer, speaker, and a student and teacher of human change. She lives the essentialism lifestyle and secretly wants to live on a vineyard and make wine.

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