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At Nuuaria, we teach you how to THINK differently instead of DO differently.

While sometimes we know what to do and just aren’t doing it, other times we’re ‘all-in’ or ‘all-out’ with our efforts or maybe emotional eating is involved, we understand.

Nuuaria Weight Loss has been around for fourteen years with several specialized tracks for both the public and the corporate sectors. We work with companies like CVS Health and Paychex.

Scroll below to learn about our program tracks, methodology, and results. If you are not sure which program is right for you, getting started is easy. Begin by taking our online assessment and a complimentary intake call from Team Nuuaria.

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Nuuaria’s Weight Loss Programs


Frustrated? Desperate to lose the extra weight?
All-in or all-out have been your dieting efforts. You’re ready to change your diet AND your mind to create permanent change once and for all.

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FREE YOURSELF, by confidently learning how to trust, honor and work with your body to return to your natural and healthy state of being. This is Nuuaria’s one-of-a-kind, 24-week emotional eating program to end all else.

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Nuuaria’s General Weight Loss Track are for those ready for change. It includes a combination of Nuuaria’s training programs, coaching and mentorship to deliver exactly what a client needs to reach their goals, including a health coach with a personalized wellness plan, mentorship for long term mindset and habit change plus online course curriculums and support groups. Be sure to complete our assessment and reach out to us to determine best fit.

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Don’t need mindset OR emotional eating help? Check out our health coach-based solutions for diet plans, meal plan support, and professional guidance.

About Nuuaria’s Methodology

There are three ways to lose weight:

diet & exercise change (…the other guys & Nuuaria)

habit & behavior change (…the other guys & Nuuaria)

thought habit change (…only Nuuaria)

Nuuaria averages 7% weight loss over six months while the ‘other guys’ average 4-5%

Thought Habit Change with the Nuuaria Method®

Change habitual thought, embrace habitual emotion,
and your behaviors will change effortlessly.

The Nuuaria Method® is a refreshing new way to permanent change.

Beliefs, Fears,

Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of succeeding, belief in one’s unworthiness,  fear of ‘rocking the boat’, fear of what others will think of you, belief in ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t feel like it’ or ‘I don’t deserve it’ or ‘I can do it myself/ should be able to do it myself’, fear of criticism and opinions other than your own, not believing (or being afraid) it’s possible.


Perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, overthinking, catastrophic thinking, obsessive thinking (circling), storytelling (perception distortion), indecisiveness, drama queen-isms/melodrama, analysis paralysis, identity attachment (that’s not me, I couldn’t do that, that’s just how I am)


Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, despair, hopelessness, frustration, confusion, busyness, pride, worry, fear, concern, anger, discouragement, doubt, blame, guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, grief, victim, boredom, impatience…


Eating too much sugar, lack of consistency, not exercising, not eating enough vegetables, hates cooking, eating fast food, not eating during the day due to busyness, back-loading and eating all night, no mindfulness practices, excessive alcohol, too much television, lack of energy, getting thrown off track after weekends, holidays, vacations, restricting, bingeing, stress or emotional eating…


Combined with time-tested weight loss processes, the evidenced-based Nuuaria Method®, and Nuuaria’s signature ‘humans change humans’ belief, Nuuaria Weight Loss has been proven to produce the following results:

  • Weight Loss
  • Eliminate medications
  • Eliminate habitual stress, anxiety and depression
  • Give you back control of your life
  • Increase peace and calm
  • Eliminate habitual anger and sadness
  • Increase happiness
  • Increase sense of connection with self and others
  • Stop habitual negative thinking
  • Reduce the body’s constant stress response
  • Reduce the body’s excess inflammation
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Increase the quality of sleep
  • Increase fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Decrease sugar consumption
  • End overeating
  • Reduce high blood sugar
  • Eliminate diabetes
  • (Studies below)


Results from the Arizona Municipalities, Nuuaria Program for Weight Management. 2017 and 2018 Pilot Programs, 6 months, 28 Participants. Verified third-party results. Medication costs calculated from actual medications participants eliminated based on insurance claims.

  • 7.8% average percent weight loss (popular weight loss programs today tout 4-5% within the first year)
  • 14.6 pounds average loss per person
  • 3.5 inch average waist circumference loss
  • 410.3 total pounds lost
  • 85% reduction to elimination of Metabolic Risk Factors (High Glucose, Low HDL, High TG, High Blood Pressure, Waist Circumference), about a $2,000 savings per person per year
  • Reduction in filled scripts/ medications (anxiety, heart/ inflammation), a $3,000 savings

The following results reflect a sample size of 35 over a 6-month period with a 12-month follow up in the Nuuaria Method® Program.


  • 93.5% report an increase in their overall fruit and vegetable consumption
  • 51.6% report having improved overall quality of sleep while
  • 45.2% report having no issues to begin
  • 71% report drinking more water
  • 93.5% report a decrease in their overall sugar consumption


  • 80.6% report being more productive and focused
    while at work
  • 80.6% report experiencing less stress throughout their day
  • 74.2% report having more energy on a day-today basis
  • 58.1% report being able to manage their time better
  • 54.8% report being more satisfied with their job while
  • 41.9% had no issues from the beginning
  • 29% report less absences from work


  • 93.5% reported an improved overall quality of life
  • 90.3% reported an increased satisfaction in cognitive appreciation (life satisfaction)
  • 80.6% reported experiencing having an overall increase in their positive affect (a person’s feelings or emotional states).
  • 83.9% report increased feeling of connection to themselves, their families, friends and coworkers
  • 67.7% report experiencing increased eudaemonics (a sense of having meaning and purpose in one’s life, psychological functioning)


  • A decrease in body weight by an average of 16.625 pounds
  • A decrease in waist circumference by an average of 5 inches
  • A decrease in overall blood pressure by 27.5 points
  • A reduction in fasting blood glucose by an average of 27.5 points
  • 30% reported a decrease or complete elimination in the number of medications being taken


  • 71% report finding it easier to focus on tasks at hand
  • 54.8% report experiencing an increase in their communication skills while 41.9% report no issue or no change

“The year is just days from ending and I want to share my story with all of you. I’m 25 years old and I’m a licensed esthetician and in the beauty industry. Before Nuuaria, I began feeling extremely physically exhausted all the time. So exhausted I began losing passion for my career simply because I had ZERO energy for anything and despised being at work because it required energy. I was always out of breath and none of my clothes were fitting anymore. I ate everything in sight because it tasted good and ate out every single day. What nobody knew was I felt extreme guilt after eating because I felt shame in what I was eating and hated how I looked in the mirror and never felt beautiful. But I dealt with it because that’s all I knew what to do.

One day I realized I had enough and knew I didn’t want to live my life that way anymore and stumbled across Nuuaria online when I was simply looking for a nutritionist. On my first visit my fasting glucose was elevated to the point the numbers were prediabetic and it woke me up. I was 228 pounds and I wanted to curl up into a ball.

But not once did I ever feel judged and immediately, I felt the beautiful energy and love given to me. After coming up with a game plan with my health coach I knew it was going to be my new beginning. After 3 months of being with Nuuaria I’ve lost a total of 35 pounds. My glucose levels are now normal and my energy is back. I fit in clothes I couldn’t fit into for YEARS. Simply by changing my diet and eating foods good for my body.

I began to learn it wasn’t about the food either. Learning to unlearn is still a struggle and I know it’s never easy but totally doable because it’s all within ourselves and we all CAN DO THIS. To have been able to meet the Nuuaria team including my amazing mentor and always feel the love never feeling alone in this journey is the most beautiful feeling. I’m learning things about me I never knew were always within me. To all of you thinking you can’t do this, know you can and even though it’s never easy, it’s never too late to be a better you.”

Anilu, Nuuaria client

The Nuuaria Difference

Stress & Meditation

Thinking is the cause.

Behavior is only the symptom. Behavior change, therefore, is only symptom treatment. We teach you how to think differently.

@ Work

Humans change humans.

While technology is a helpful assist, if daily weigh-ins and food tracking created permanent weight loss, obesity rates  wouldn’t continue to rise. Human facilitation of change through the intervention of unconditional positive regard is the key.

Weight Loss

Proven and measurable results.

When you commit, the results you’ll experience are unmatched…

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